Medical device cybersecurity



Apraciti provides cybersecurity support for organizations who develop or operate Healthcare Technology and medical devices.


our focus


Product Security Program

Establish an industry leading Product Security Program

We create and execute on a tailor made program for building industry leading Product Security Program capabilities, exceeding the expectations of our client’s customers and regulators around the globe.


Product Security Engineering

Embed Cybersecurity throughout total product lifecycle

Our engineers work with product development teams to integrate Cybersecurity into all aspects of pre-market design and development along with post-market management.

Why us

  • We synthesize the rapidly changing Cybersecurity environment, enabling our clients to focus on what they do best; developing lifesaving technologies.

  • We support regulatory submissions, helping lifesaving technologies make it to patients without delay.

  • We assist with contracts and provider risk assessments, supporting the financial stability of our clients.

    Our efforts protect patients.


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