Product Security Program

We take a unique approach in partnering with our clients on what works best for them. Product Security Programs are not a one size fits all model, and we understand that.

We create and execute on a tailor made program for building industry leading Product Security Program capabilities, exceeding the expectations of our client’s customers and regulators around the globe.

  • Program Development

  • Quality & Compliance Integration

  • Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Development

  • Establishment of a Product Security Incident & Event Management Capability

For organizations with an established Product Security function, our team will perform a capability assessment on the maturity of the program, highlighting the strengths and key areas of opportunity. 

Product Security Engineering

Our engineers partner with product development teams to ensure Cybersecurity is integrated into all aspects of design and development along with post market management. 

Whether it’s architecture reviews, threat modeling, risk assessment, design input, design requirements or post market management expectations, our Product Security Engineers will be there to help. 

  • Cybersecurity Backlog Management

  • Risk Assessment and Threat Modeling

  • Design & Development Activities

  • Post Market Management Planning

  • Regulatory and Customer Support